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Refresh your senses with Minty Breeze: A powerful yet gentle blend of peppermint that helps you get through your day with ease. With the hustle and bustle of life, taking a break is often overlooked. Loosen up and have a pocket of relaxation with Pili Ani’s Minty Breeze formula that is a blend of Pili and Elemi Oils together with peppermint essential oils. Its fresh, crisp, and minty scent will surely awaken your senses and give you a new surge of energy.

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Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, Canarium ovatum fruit oil, Mentha arvensis (peppermint) oil, menthol, Canarium luzonicum (elemi) essential oil

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4 reviews for Essential Oil Blend – Minty Breeze

  1. Valerie Hutch

    Had a terrible cold and this was given to me by a friend from the Philippines . It immediately eased my clogged nose and im in love with the fresh minty scent , it reminds me a lot of my favorite candy cane during Christmas 🎄

  2. Joceline Ramos

    Peppermint is 💜 i love that the blends of all other essential oils worked perfectly well with each other . A must have for your mask specially when you are out .

  3. Sherry Alfonsi

    no more clogged nose !!! this gave me instant relief ! love the mint and i guess the mix of the pili and elemi oil also helped the degongestion . the minty kick was what sealed the deal ! cant do without this specially during spring when my allergies set in .

  4. Scott Williams

    Minty Breeze – I love this essential oil! i use this when I have a cold or allergy rhinitis and it relaxes me.

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