Deep Detox Volcanic Exfoliating Mask

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The Deep Detox Volcanic Exfoliating Mask utilizes volcanic ash from the Mayon volcano in the Philippines. Volcanic ash is a natural skin purifier and is rich in minerals with exfoliating properties. This is also great for removing dead skin cells while bamboo charcoal powder detoxifies and absorbs impurities.


This is all-natural formulation combined with the power of pili and Elemi oils and Amazonian Clay detoxifies the skin while leaving it nourished, clean and revitalized.

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Pili Oil contains high concentration of antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Antioxidants protect cells from effect of free radicals and other external aggressors that cause ageing. Fatty acids, meanwhile, are essential for keeping skin nourished and hydrated even at the cellular level.

Elemi Oil has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that are significant in improving skin health, ensuring fast healing, regeneration and purification. Elemi oils are also key for firming and tightening of skin.



Water, Kaolin (Amazonian clay), glycerin, charcoal powder, volcanic ash, sorbitan caprylate, propanediol, Canarium ovatum fruit oil, Canarium luzonicum gum essential oil, benzoic acid

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Weight 299.2 g
Dimensions 15.7 × 15.7 × 11.5 cm
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14 reviews for Deep Detox Volcanic Exfoliating Mask

  1. Andrea Collins

    You will feel a little sting or tightening of the skin and you feel refreshed and clean and detoxed !!! i need that squeaky clean feel . Thanks for coming up with a unique and amazing product! i love that it originates from the Philippines and the Mayon volcano is considered to be part of the 12 Wonders of the World . Love Love Love this !!!

  2. Annie Welsh

    No joke , this Mask is even better than Glamglow . It exfoliates and my pores tightened and you can immediately feel the dead skin removal and i love how clean it felt after washing . The packaging is totally lux, this was actually why i bought it in the first place . haha . i wasnt disappointed and its great!!!

  3. Mika Dee

    i have oily skin and i feel icky specially during hot summer days , after putting on this mask my skin felt hydrated and super clean . Thanks

  4. Jerusalem Lapinski

    OMG ! the packaging is to die for ! its soo luxe and yet the price is so practical . I love that its from a country that ive never been to and yet they have great products . i googled the Mayon volcano and saw that its even one of the most admired active volcano in the world . my skin loves this product it feels so good to have my face exfoliated and cleansed and i cant wait to try out the ageless concentrate.

  5. Dianne Humprey

    Volcanic mask ! so surreal , ive heard of regular leave on wipe off masks but this is amazing and soo unique ! It made my skin fresh and exfoliated . asking my friends to buy this now !!!

  6. Rhoda Escueta

    My father is from the Philippines , i grew up here in in the east coast all my life and the only memory of the Philippines is just the wonderful family culture that we have been following at home . the mask is an amazing product that i would never thought i would love . It deeply exfoliates and have unclogged my pores i truly am enjoying this mask . Im definitely bragging about this product to my friends.

  7. Jessica Holt

    This mask is truly magical , 1 use and i immediately felt my pores minimized and deeply exfoliated , i recommend that you try this and feel the immediate result . Thank you and cant wait to use the other products.

  8. Victoria Benett

    Volcanic mask , truly gorgeous from packaging to the feel on my skin . Deeply exofliating and i love the super clean feeling it leaves after washing it off .

  9. Karina Santiago

    ok , so you are saying this is from the Philippines? i am from the Philippines and never thought that my country can come up with something as amazing and gorgeous as this . So proud of this and wow! my skin never felt so smooth and tight after exfoliation . Great job Pili Ani . Mabuhay .

  10. Kristina Rodgriquez

    Never thought we can make use of the ashes from Mayon volcano . My grandparents are from Bicol and my memories of the volcano is quite vague . I tried the mask and it amazingly works super well !! never thought what once was a boon for the people in albay is now an industry that can help boost the industry and help uplift the lives of my fellow Bicolanos .

  11. Goldie Fleck

    Ok im not using any other brand from now on. This is my go to favorite to exfoliate and clean up my clogged pores . What better way to support this brand that works and at the same time helps build communities in their small town. Good job !!!

  12. Brtiney Patterson

    Literally just got out of the shower and excited to leave a review for this product 🌈 at first there was a slight sting that felt uncomfortable but i soon realized that it was actually stretching or sucking out the gunk out of my pores . I waited til the color of the mask turned whitish gray and as soon as i washed off the mask my face felt soo moisturized and exfoliated and squeaky clean . I am surely going to share this with all my close friends . By the way knowing that it is amazingly effective on my skin and at the same time helping your small community in your country makes me even want to support your products . Great job to you guys!

  13. Sarah Cortiselli

    It felt great on my skin i felt like a magnet was pulling out all the dirt stuck on my pores and closed it all up after i washed my face . Bravo!!! Cant wait to try all your other products .

  14. Charity Snell

    Ashes from an exotic place is Asia !! how cool can this be! it felt really amazing on my skin and it felt really clean and my pores literally are not visible !

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